Rescue Ranch is is a non-profit society and is 100% volunteer based, every donation is put directly back into animal care. In addition to sponsorship or donations, which help pay for the basic feed and bedding expenses of the individual animals, there are several other significant costs that go into running a Sanctuary such as veterinary expenses, medications and shelter.

Sponsor a friend

Any donation is greatly appreciated,

If you have a favourite Rescue Ranch animal that you would like to sponsor, let us know, we will be sure to spoil him or her with an extra special treat. If you love them all equally and would like to help, we will make sure your sponsorship is used to care for our animals in the best way possible. Every donation of $100 or more will receive a Rescue Ranch Sponsor T-shirt.

Corporate Sponsorship

As a corporate sponsor, you will be recognized on our website,

Social media pages and signage at Rescue Ranch.

  • Gold - $5000 - Website, Social Media Pages and 3X4 Facility Signage
  • Silver - $3000 - Website, Social Media Pages and 1X2 Facility Signage
  • Bronze - $1000 - Website and Social Media Pages.

Visit Our Animals

The rescue Ranch animals love visitors,

Each of our animals' needs and personalities are a little different. For the safety of our animal family and our visitors, supervision of visits is a must, therefore your donation is greatly appreciated.