Meet Our Barn Critters

Dalai (Lama)

This beautiful little girl is approx. 24 years old, she is very sweet, loves to meet new people but is very cautious around strangers.

Barack (Olama)

This handsome young man is fairly new to Rescue Ranch, he was a rescue from Langley BC. Barack immediately fell head over heals for Dalia and was a bit to forward for her liking. We have let them get to know each other slowly through separation pens and soon will be allowed to date again as long as Barack can control himself.


Roo is a beautiful 21 year old Quarter Horse gelding, he is such a character, you would never think he was a dayover 12.


We have had Prince for many years, he is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat, very sweet, loves company and will literally eat anything you give him.

Copper and Todd:

We have had these handsome brothers since they were just babies, they are also Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Copper is the brown and white one, very sweet as well but sometimes learns some bad habits from his brother. Todd (the black one) is a little brat, we love him dearly but if he can get into trouble, he will.

Our Ducks

Lucky is the first duck to join Rescue Ranch, he is a Welsh Harlequin and originally came with his beautiful partner Disco. They were inseparable and Lucky was devastated when Disco passed. Lucky did eventually have his heart set on a female mallard we were rehabbing, only to be heartbroken again when she was returned to her natural environment. The good news is Lucky may have an interest in Brown Beak (the little brown female), which we have had for a few months. The big white duck is a Pekin male, his name is Big White One (it just stuck), unfortunately he lost his mate to an infection a few months ago.


We brought this adorable donkey and his mom to Rescue Ranch about 10 years ago, unfortunately Eeyore lost his mom about a year ago. Eeyore was very sad for a long time but with the help of the rest of the Critters, Eeyore has a new family.

Dino and Cosmo

These 2 adorable little minis are Dino (white) and Cosmo (dark), Dino is a 22 year old gelding and Cosmo is a13 year old mare. They are the best of friends and are the sweetest little minis you will ever meet.

Sterling and Roxy

Sterling and Roxy are both 28 years old, Sterling is a very handsome Hanoverian gelding and Roxy is a beautiful Arabian mare. They are inseparable, it is so adorable, they have fit in perfectly at Rescue Ranch.


Romeo came to us because his previous owner was unable to keep him any longer, he has fit in quite well with the rest of our farm family. 


Batgirl has been quite a pleasant addition to Rescue Ranch. She is very much a loner and loves to sleep in the horses feed tub.