Make sure your story is so compelling that your supporters feel like they can’t leave without donating. Get personal with your story, explain why you’re fundraising, what will their money do for your cause, etc. Add lots of pics and a video. The more well-rounded your page, the better your fundraising campaign will perform. Log in to your Crowdrise account to update your story today!

TIP #2 Take a #SELFIE
Your supporters are on this journey with you so ensure you are posting photo and video updates with your muddy pup!

TIP #3 Make a donation
Hopefully you have already received donations towards your campaign but if you haven’t, then make the first donation, and if you have received a donation we still encourage you to add to your own campaign. Make sure it’s an amount that you think your supporters will respond to. It sets the tone for your campaign and people like seeing that you’re supporting your cause as well.

TIP #4: Email your Friends & Family
We recognize that not everyone is on social media. Whether it be privacy, tech ability/availability, or any other reasons… each of us knows someone not currently on Social Media. And you know what? Thats ok, as we are here to help with a templated email below that you can send to people. All you have todo is copy and paste it into a email, add your personal link and customize who you are sending it to.

While it’s super easy to BCC everyone and send one mass email, we recommend NOT to send one mass email. Do you like getting a mass group email? We sure don’t! It will only take a few extra minutes to send personalized emails to every person. That small addition effort sure can go a long way!

TIP #5 – Keep on Sharing!
Your supporters are on this journey with you so message ‘em often with updates, photos, and stories to keep them connected. You can easily do this by using the campaign post update tool within your fundraiser dashboard.

  • Best use: The shelf life of an email outlasts most all other methods of engagement, so use it to convey the details of your campaign and tell your supporters how they can help you reach your goals.
  • Format: Use a catchy subject line to get people to the body of your message. The body is the place where you can include the reason you need their help and a clear call to action to donate or fundraise. It’s important to try to still keep your emails as short and sweet as possible.
  • Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to send multiple emails to keep people updated, and consider segmenting your list to personalize your message for different groups at your organization.
Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin

  • Best use: Use CrowdRise Facebook and Twitter share buttons to help you boost your online presence at every turn and engage your supporters in your campaign.
  • Format: Keep your post short and include clear call to action. Don’t be afraid to have fun and be creative in the way you speak to your audience.
  • Pro Tip: Eye-catching pictures and videos go a long way. Choose images that will humanize your cause and resonate with potential donors and fundraisers.
Phone Calls


  • Best use: Since you can only speak to one person at a time, phone calls are best for asking for bigger commitments: larger contributions of time or money.
  • Format: On each call, be sure to express your appreciation for your donor and be clear in your ask.
  • Pro Tip: Use phone calls to thank your supporters after your campaign is over.

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